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PROJECTS – Calgary Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Home Theatre & Fireplace

Original Layout

Home TheatreThis house was built around 1999 and features a walkout basement. The present homeowners had purchased the property five years ago and recently undertook a complete home renovation which was done by a local contractor. The original layout of the walk out basement was the same and consisted of one large room with a bedroom and bathroom leading off from it. The original décor was done to a basic standard with no built-in cabinetry in the main room.

New Layout

While the a walkout basement’s floor plan has not changed, its function has. The homeowners wanted to have the main room transformed into a more inviting living space that would feature a wet bar and home entertainment area. The bathroom would be completely renovated and new carpeting put in the main room and bedroom.


The new home theatre cabinetry had to match in design and finish what had already been installed by the contractor (ordered from Kitchen Craft). The homeowners had to go with custom cabinetry because the design they wanted could not be bought off-the-shelf. What was required was a design that combined a home theatre with a fireplace, display shelving and storage. The home theatre cabinetry would be all on one wall and no more than 26 inches high. It would need storage and cable management for the AV units plus media storage. The adjacent wall features an electric fireplace with framed glass shelving above. There are two identical tall storage cabinets on either side of the fireplace.


All the cabinetry was constructed from solid and veneered maple and then custom stained to match the cabinetry that was already installed. A spray stain had to be used instead of a wiping stain in order to get a very even colour. This is especially the case with maple which can look blotchy and uneven if not done using the right finishing technique.



Mudroom & Laundry

Original Layout

MudroomThis room is situated between the kitchen and garage with a third door leading off to the main floor hallway. The original layout of the room had a closet and pantry on one wall with a couple of bifold doors each. The dividing wall could not be removed as it housed heat ducting that could not be repositioned. On the opposite wall was the washer and dryer with a wire shelf above.

New Layout

The new design requested by the homeowners was to dispense with the closet/pantry storage and go with a purpose built mudroom area for their growing family. There needed to be four locker bays with their own storage for coats, shoes, gloves, boots & toques. Additional storage was placed all around the lockers to maximize the space.

The new laundry area directly opposite the locker had to have the washer/dryer housed into bays in order to provide support for a useful laminate countertop. The countertop incorporates a 12” x 12” access panel to the water lines and outflow pipe. There was also a need for plenty of storage above the washer/dryer

Design Style

The homeowners wanted a simple traditional look with the cabinetry so a shaker door style was chosen to match the kitchen cabinets. The addition of the coved crown and bead board back panel emphasized the traditional shaker look they wanted.


The cabinetry was done in a paint grade and custom matched to the existing baseboard and casing.
The only stained grade part of the cabinetry are the maple locker bench tops which had to be hard wearing for the amount of use it would get.



Rustic Table for Wine Room

Wine RoomThis rustic looking wine table made for a basement wine room. Honed out of rough, thick sectioned douglas fir, this table was designed and built in the workshop of Mountain Ash Cabinets.

The Brief

The client who commissioned this piece of furniture wanted something that looked old to match the antique wine racking that was brought over from Europe. The design features, materials and finish of the table had to look like it came out of a medieval castle. It also had to serve two purposes – storage for an extensive wine collection and to act as a support for the six angled wine racks.


It started with a visit to a local lumber yard that specializes in large boards and beams of douglas fir. These are rough sawn and come with plenty of knots, wild grain and splits, perfect for what we needed! All the lumber chosen came in cumbersome 16 feet long sections so we came prepared with a borrowed neighbours chainsaw (thanks Steve) and got to work making smaller sections. As the overall length of the wine table was going to be 15 feet, it had to be made in sections for ease of transportation and assembly on site. This was done by using knock down hardware and then covering the holes with end grain wood pegs. Traditional 3 x 4 inch end cleats were tenon & pegged into the wide countertop boards to give the table added authenticity.

Finishing Touches

Two inch wide steel strips were then cut to length and bent around the table supports. The steel bands were then given a rusted & aged patina that was achieved by trial and error – we were winging it! Early 19th century square cut nails were used to attach to steel bands.

Once the table was finally assembled, it was attacked with all manner of sharp and pointy power tools and hand tools to give it a rough and weathered lived in look. A simple water stain finish was the applied to match the ceiling and support beam. This was a fun project to do and hope to do more pieces like it in future.