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Plinth Construction Styles

Plinth Construction Styles

Furniture Style Toe Kicks

PlinthPlinthPlinth Toe-KickDefinition of a toe kick: A base cabinet component that provides an ergonomic space to place ones feet when performing various tasks at a countertop. This floor level space is usually 2 to 3 inches deep by 4 to 6 inches high and is set back from the front face of the base cabinet.

For the most part, cabinet toe kicks have either a simple structure to act as a platform for base cabinets or the toe kick is integrated into a base cabinet’s side panels. A less commonly used form of toe kick, in North America anyway, are adjustable legs which attach to the underside of a base cabinet. This system uses special clips on the front legs to attach the toe kick panel. All three types of toe kick are primarily a functional component of a base cabinet’s design. The only decorative element is the front face of the toe kick panel, which matches the exterior finish of the base cabinet above.

Sometimes another level of detail is needed to add a bit of flair and sophistication that serves to reinforce a design style. This is where the use of a furniture style toe kick comes into play. It will give a cabinet a “stance” and a design detail that will enhance its appearance. This is particularity the case when a traditional design style of cabinetry has been used. A furniture style toe kick is a hybrid of the commonly used toe kick with that of a plinth or bracketed foot used on a piece of furniture. It has the functionality of an enclosed platform with the elegance of a furniture style base that surrounds it.

If your project is leaning towards a more traditional or transitional design concept then Mountain Ash Cabinets has a catalogue of furniture style toe kicks to employ as an alternative to the most commonly used kick. To demonstrate the various options available the below renderings show a matrix of cabinet construction styles paired with the various furniture style toe kicks that can be used. This shows a shaker inspired style of furniture kick but there are many more designs to choose from.