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Notice of Change

Notice of Change (NOC)

A Notice of Change (NOC) is a document that is issued by Mountain Ash Cabinets to the client when a project’s scope of work has changed from what was originally agreed upon at sign off and has entered into production. An NOC makes everyone aware that a change has occurred which could impact manufacturing, schedules and costs. The NOC will state the date of the change, the scope of work change and any costs associated with that change. It will also state any impact to the manufacturing schedule. The NOC is signed off once approved by the client and Mountain Ash Cabinets.

We don’t issue many Notices of Changes due to careful project planning and working closely with our clients. The NOCs that are issued tend to be minor in nature with little or no impact on the project. These minor changes can include a different choice of cabinet hardware, a dimensional change to a cabinet or the addition of a component. The vast majority of changes are caught well before a project goes into production thanks to the use of specialized CAD software.

When a NOC does have an increased cost associated with it then the additional cost will be added to the final payment on completion of the project. On the flip side, an NOC can sometimes have a cost decrease.