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How We Work

How We Work

Steps 1 – Consultation

  • Get in contact with us by email to discuss your project and see if our services match you’re requirements. From that point we will arrange a free home visit to go over your project in more detail:
    – Discuss the materials you have collected and the ideas you presently have for your project.
    – Review your floor plan to establish the project area.
    – Assist you with establishing a budget you can live with.
    – Show examples of our work to help define the design direction of your project.
  • If at this point you feel that we are a good fit and can establish a working relationship, then we can proceed to the next step. In order to move your project further along the process, a design retainer fee will be requested and will be credited towards your cabinetry quote.

Step 2 – Planning and Design

  • Using our CAD software, we’ll design and develop a floor plan, elevations and colour rendered perspectives required to produce your cabinetry.
  • We’ll then contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet with you in your home to review the initial design and pricing.
  • During our meeting we’ll discuss any modifications you wish to make before commencing with the final design plans. If necessary, we’ll meet again to finalize the project design and answer any further questions you might have.

Step 3 – Documentation

  • Fixed Price Quote: Once the final design has been established, we’ll present a written fixed price quote for you to review. The quote will highlight the details and acts as a specification sheet that captures all aspects of the project’s design. It will cover material, hardware and finish specifications; dimensions of cabinets, heights, widths, depths and what type of interior storage they have. The quote will also describe what’s included and what’s not included. If it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist.
  • Letter of Engagement: This is the equivalent of a written contract between you, the owner, and Mountain Ash Cabinets. This document has been reviewed and approved by the Alberta Government responsible for business licensing. The Letter of Engagement gives a general description of the scope of work, specifications, cabinetry construction, elevation descriptions and custom details. In addition, it also contains legal cancellation clauses, start and completion dates, terms of payment and total price, including GST.
  • Shop Drawing Sign-off: Before the working shop drawings are submitted to go into production they will be reviewed by you and us. Once done to your 100% satisfaction the shop drawings are date stamped and signed off by both parties. The shop drawings can be annotated if any details need better clarification.
  • Notice of Change: If for any reason there is a change required in the scope of work that affects the project, be it a design issue, specifications, schedules etc, this document will capture that change(s) and is then reviewed, approved and signed off by both you and Mountain Ash Cabinets. A Notice of Change will show the scope of change, any schedule impacts and cost changes. There should be no “surprises” at the end of a project.

Note: There will always be two sets of copies of for any sign-off documentation – one for you and one for us.

Production Begins

  • Once the project’s design is completed and approved, the drawings will be submitted to the workshop to be custom crafted to your specifications. Depending on the size of the project and level of detail, the production time can vary between 3 to 10 weeks before it’s ready to start installation. To help speed a project up in regards to templating stone countertops, Mountain Ash Cabinets can install the affected cabinets earlier so there’s less of a wait time.

Installation Begins

  • Ensure that our installers have an area to “set up shop.” They will be cutting and trimming components in order to custom fit the cabinetry to the room.
  • We will work closely with you and/or your contractor throughout the installation process.

Other Trades

  • Although we have our own list of contractors and support trades that we use for our projects, you can provide your own if you so wish. Whether we provide our own or yours, it’s essential that we have a meeting with all trades involved to establish the scope of work, specifications, schedules and contact information. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

Plan “B” and Demolition

  • As most people remain in their homes during the renovation of a room, it’s important to have plan “B” in place if it’s going to affect home activities for a few months. This is especially important in the case of a kitchen becoming out of commission when the old cabinets have to be removed, plumbing and electrical work done. Think about how you’ll manage without the use of this room and what alternatives you have.

Installation Completed

  • We strive to complete an installation on schedule, with no deficiencies and as little disruption as possible. We endeavour to keep challenges to a minimum. This can only be possible with good management and when everyone involved in the project is aware of timelines, are flexible and open to alternatives. The installation process and length of time varies from project to project as there are a number of factors involved: what room is the cabinetry for, any structural work involved, schedules of other trades or just access to the site during the day. Though it’s a moving target, we are diligent and do our best to complete an installation in a timely manner.
  • On nearing the end of your installation we’ll go through completion checklist with you to ensure nothing has been missed and any deficiencies are duly noted and dealt with.


  • We do warranty our workmanship, materials and hardware for 10 years. However, in our experience, well made custom cabinetry lasts for years with normal use. It should be problem free over its lifetime apart from the occasional accidental damage or normal wear and tear.