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Door Construction Styles

cabinet door constructionDoor Construction Styles

Mountain Ash Cabinets doesn’t have a range of door and drawer front designs because it’s a full custom shop – its range is limitless. While construction fundamentals remain the same, the style of the frames, panels, inner and outer edges can vary according to the overall design of the door and drawer front.  These variables are the design details that give cabinetry its style and even a theme to a room. Be it traditional, transitional or contemporary, we can design and manufacture something conventional with a twist or a complete one-off.

Featured below are a series of examples that show the key features of door and drawer front construction styles. The majority of doors and drawer fronts that we manufacture are stain grade solid wood frames with either solid wood panels or veneered panels. These materials give us the most amount of flexibility when adding custom design features. There are other material options for door and drawer front construction such as MDF and foil wrapped engineered wood but their material characteristics limit them to certain designs and finishes.

The level of customization depends on the design and budget. Initially, the overriding factor is the design of the doors and drawer fronts; what details are going to give a kitchen, bathroom or study that “look” you’re after. Mountain Ash Cabinets are well experienced with selecting the right design features that will be sympathetic to your vision. Whether it’s minimalist modern to Victorian farmhouse we’ll find a design that works and within your budget