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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs Calgary

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Design

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Design

The ability to interpret design ideas through knowledge and experience. Mountain Ash Cabinets have designed and built all manner of styles of custom cabinetry and furniture over the years. From eclectic curved cabinets to French provincial kitchens, minimalist bathrooms to Biedermeier desks. The founders of Mountain Ash Cabinets have seen a lot pass through their hands over the last 50 years of their combined experience. This wide range of one-off designs has made them adept at transferring a client’s ideas to paper to production and onto their homes. Our approach is to carefully listen to the needs of a client and then thoroughly research a project brief. With the aid of CAD software and our material catalogue, we can quickly explore what is the best possible solution.


Transitional kitchen V1

Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Design

Where your design preference falls depends on a number of factors. What design style works best with your style of home? Is there a design theme that’s already established? What’s going to be sympathetic to your home’s decor and architectural features? Do you want to create a visual bridge from one room to the next? Many questions, indeed! Most clients have come to us after doing their own research as to what design direction their headed. The details might not be all fleshed out at this point but there’s usually a clear idea as to the theme of a room. Speaking of details, there’s usually a client request for a specific custom detail which they would like to incorporate into the project’s design. Not a problem. We are a true custom cabinet shop and are happy to accommodate.


Modern kitchen V1

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Design

As an example of what can be achieved through our design process, we’ve taken 3 distinct design styles and applied them to a defined kitchen floor plan. The photo realistic renderings give a clear idea of what is going on from various angles. We can adjust all aspects of design; variations of cabinets and their dimensions, appliance specifications and locations, sink and faucet styles, lighting, countertops, flooring, wall colours etc. Everything in the drawing can be adjusted and tweaked until you’re happy with what you see on paper. The end result is you see how your project will look when completed.