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Custom Features

Custom Cabinet Features

Workbench for Custom Features PageWorkbench for Custom Features PageCustom Cabinet Features BenchWhat are the design features that make custom cabinetry stand out? They can be either aesthetic or ergonomic. Soft close drawers and doors are a standard specification for our cabinets but there’re not custom features. Upon entering a room most people will recognize custom made cabinetry by its exterior design features but not the subtle details hidden from view. There’s an immediate impact and as you get closer you become more aware of the quality of materials along with the fit and finish of the cabinetry. It’s somehow universal that something of quality becomes more tactile, we recognize the craftsmanship in the details and it brings a smile.


For the most part, ergonomic custom features are subtle but make cabinets more user-friendly and enhances their functionality. They can be hidden and imperceptible but contribute to the overall build quality and long term durability from constant use. It can be simple things like thoughtful placement of hardware or more accessible storage; how a cabinet door opens and closes, building a drawer box that wraps around a sink pipe. Our cabinetry made to custom widths, heights, depths and angles to maximize space and integrate them better into a room. We’ll make curved cabinets for better room flow or a corner wall cabinet with a 20 degree angled door for better access to load and unload a dishwasher. As you start using well designed cabinetry, you become more aware of their custom features when compared to off-the-shelf standard cabinets.


There’s a great deal of thought that goes into what we design when it comes to the more aesthetic features that enhance and accentuate a cabinets design, materials and finish. We pay special attention to its proportions, weight and stance; how it seamlessly blends together as a whole and looks purposeful. There are many custom features which are not the normal industry standard but have become a standard to us. We stick to our principals and take those extra steps to make a design look right from all angles. It’s second nature to us to come up with a pleasing design solution for a specific project even if it will never to be repeated again. When there’s only one opportunity, it’s worth doing it right!