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Custom Cabinet Storage – Calgary

cabinet-storage1Cabinet Storage

We are a full custom cabinet shop which includes the customization of cabinet interiors for better storage and access. The customization of a cabinet interior can be done with either standard or custom components, sometimes a combination of the two. The default option is to go with what’s already available from our suppliers. We have many types of storage to choose from and their design and construction matches the quality of the cabinets they’re fitted to. Our advice with storage hardware is to never skimp on their quality as they need to perform consistently and flawlessly for years to come. There is a certain joy when things work well and frustration when they don’t!

However, there are situations when there’s nothing readily available that will fit inside a cabinet. The cabinet in question has been integrated with the rest of the cabinetry and its exterior cannot be altered in any way. Our solution is to design and manufacture a custom storage component ourselves rather than waste the cabinet’s interior space. This is an area of cabinet customization that we have become adept at over the years.

As an example, two identical base kitchen cabinets can look the same from the outside but look and function very differently from the inside when it comes to their interior storage. Both cabinets are constructed identically using the same materials but each has a different storage specification. One cabinet has a top drawer with a lower door and adjustable shelves, the other, a custom double tier cutlery drawer with a door pullout for crockery; the functionality between the two is very different. This one example demonstrates the importance of maximising a cabinet’s interior with user friendly storage.